We are a local Encinitas family who has a love for all things hand crafted and we embrace the principles of fresh and local fare. Our love of coffee roasting grew from a passion for craftsmanship combined with the obsession with our morning coffee ritual. We started roasting small batches of coffee right out of the garage of our Leucadia home and every morning we enjoyed the best cup of joe we could find in town. We decided to turn our passion into a career when we first visited our good friends in British Columbia, Backyard Beans-a homegrown coffee roasting company that shares our life philosophies and passion for coffee. Several years later our goal has become to serve our community with the best coffee experience around through sourcing quality beans that are grown responsibly and sustainably, roasting it to perfection and serving it with heart and soul. We strive to work with like-minded people to create a coffee experience that is delicious, thoughtfully prepared and with a smile to boot.

We partnered up with Café Ipe, a group of surfy coffee locals who had a similar vision that we do: to bring a quality cup of coffee to the Leucadia community with a cool neighborhood-y feel. We hand roast the coffee at Café Ipe and we strive to educate the community about the roasting process as well as how to prepare a good cup of coffee at home. We believe that your coffee experience should change the course of your day—come experience the Revolution!

Our Apprentice Roaster

Scott getting cozy with our Probat L12

Scott getting cozy with our Probat L12

Scott MacBride graduated from UCSD (Class of 2012) in International Studies – Economics.  He joined Revolution Roasters after taking an 8 month trek across South East Asia.  Roasting has come naturally to this young man and his passion for coffee and the people who work in the business has since been growing exponentially.  He handles all aspects of production and retail sales for our company.  In addition, Scott continues to pursue his passion for travel, learning and people.  This summer Scott will be traveling to Brazil to attend several Team USA games at the World Cup, to explore the region in search of Brazilian micro lot coffees and to bring as many soccer balls to under privileged youth as he can.  Check out his this link outlining his mission:  http://www.worldcupfutbal.com/

Go SCOTT!!!!